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Andrew Zimmern visit to Masri Sweets

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Please allow 2-3 business days to process all GROUND AND EXPRESS orders.

This does NOT incluse weekends.

Any questions please email:

  In the old city of Nablus, Palestine, Muhi-Eldeen Masri opened a small pastry shop in the heart of the old city, in 1902.  He served traditional hot kunufa from the oven for breakfast as well as other specialty sweets. 
  Today the heritage and tradition established years ago carries on at Masri Sweets in Dearborn, Mi.  Khader Masri, son of Muhi-eldeen Masri and his son Khaldon carry on the name and success of the family. 
   All pastries are made fresh daily using Turkish pistachios, Jordan walnuts, Brazillian cashews, and clarified butter.  All ingredients are natural, no preservatives are added.
    Our personal commitment to our customers is to provide fast delivery and the freshest product available.  Enjoy the tradition of high quality sweets established decades ago and miles away by the Masri family.